Office Administrator

Phone: 03 354 0909


Jo has worked with or for me for about 25 years (how I don’t know but she has learned quite a lot about Football during this time!!). She has plenty of stories to tell of our younger days when we used to play cricket in our office with rulers and screwed up paper ?

Jo started as Office Junior in 1988 for a Chartered Accountancy firm and all her experience has been within Law or Chartered Accountancy firms since she left school.

Jo is responsible for all administration duties within my Practice including completing Weekly Payroll and PAYE for clients and has the most important job of keeping up with milo and biscuit supplies.

Jo’s Interests:

Jo enjoys spending time with her family including being a “taxi service for 2 teenage sons”. She is also “Servant” to 3 cats who have made themselves the “rulers of their family home”

Jo’s Client Testimonials

Recently Joanne had some extra work to do for us in regards to our employee’s wages. Our employee enquired about his KiwiSaver, the rate he is on and if he changed what would be the weekly amounts and also about the tax rate he is on. I just want to let you know, that without hesitation Jo got stuck into it, making sure no stone was unturned and confirming details with our employee and us. A job that would take me a life time Jo seems to do with ease and can easily explain to us whom aren't savvy in this area. It gives us confidence to know that Joanne is so extremely professional in her approach to everything she does and still so down to earth.